Got problems with your Mac or iPod? You're in the right place!
I'm willing to get my hands "dirty" and fix the problem, unlike the Apple Geniuses,
who are limited in knowledge and resources on older system.

No help from the Apple Store?.
Is it too old for the “Geniuses”?

My goal is to provide support of out of warrantee Apple products, but I can still do non-warrantee-voiding upgrades and software fixes on in warrantee products. Such things include memory and hard drive upgrades, software updates, system software trouble shooting, tweaking system and user settings to make your computer more efficient, and preliminary trouble shooting to find out if you do need a service call to Apple.

Out of Apple warrantee services include just about anything you can think of: replacing screen, keyboards (and fixing individual keys if possible), trackpad, fans, CPU, GPU, charging/power units, overheating issues, thermal pads, laptop batteries, iPod batteries, buffing scratch plastic and stainless steel products, 
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