About Me

If you don't have the time or desire to read this, let me sum it up for you. I've been working on electronics since I was a kid, been a Mac user since System 7, opened up many Apple products, fixed many things, know the software very well, and and been the go-to guy for many people, educational institutions, and business over the years. It's fun to me, and I love it!

My goal is to make a living helping people with integrity and ingenuity.

I started out working with electronic the same way most, taking thing a part and putting them back together when I was a kid. I probably took my first computer apart about 20 years ago, and I haven't stop since.

My first Mac was a PowerMac 7600 (from 1996) with a 120MHz PPC 604 processor running System 7.5. The first thing I did to it (after setting the desktop picture of course!) was install some updates, and I knew then the Mac was the system for me. Eventually I updated the RAM, hard drive, added a CD-ROM (it didn't come with one!), and hacked it by dropping in a G3 CPU card, PCI USB 1.1, and installing Mac OS 9.1! You'd think it end there, nope! Hotrod style paint job and custom label!

Later came an original eMac with 700Mhz G4 with RAM maxed out. As soon as the warrantee was up, I cracked it open, gave it a DVD and hard drive upgrade. The keyboard got a custom metallic paint job for good measure.

Along the way were the original early 2006 Intel iMac (which I stripped down years later and replaced the CPU with a much faster one, faster Wifi, SSD, and a firmware hack to make it think is was late 2006 iMac), updated, upgraded, modified, and fixed many iBooks, PowerBooks, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, PowerMacs (G4/G5), MacPros, iPods, keyboards, mice, and—well, it's a blur at this point!

On the software side I got cozy with the “classic” Mac OS, and once I learned that was Apple's future was with a Unix based system (Mac OS X 10+), I jumped in and got certified in the CCNA course "The Fundamentals of Unix"—in which I was the first person to not to be a CCNA major to take the class, and also scored the highest in the class that year. I've since used every version of Mac OS X (including most server versions) from the 10.0 beta, 10.1-10.8 (the current version as of writing), several Linux distributions, Sun Solaris, and forced myself to use Windows a few times including setting up a Windows 2008R2 server (more on this later). I also know iOS (iPhone and iPod touch) very well, and have loved hacking it (aka “Jailbreak”) to add more features than Apple has been willing or able to give us.

Not only have I helped individuals, but also worked with education and small businesses.

I’ve researched, setup, administrated, and trained people in a college design computer lab of 25+ computers, 2 wide format printers, projectors, and other miscellaneous lab equipment used to teach graphic design. The lab was also being developed to serve as a 3D design and animation lab for both designing and as render farm for larger animations. The projects eventual goal was to spin off a 3D design company owned by the college, but director had to leave for family reasons, and the college eventually ended the program.

In the realm of small business, I’ve worked for everyone from jewelry companies to print shops. 

Recently I’ve turned my attention to buying, fixing, reselling computers and parts on ebay. I try to keep an eye out for things that I would think a Apple product user like myself would want, as well as things that would benefit from my particular skills and TLC.
There’s just 2 things you should keep in mind: I prefer to not be in the business of
voiding the warrantees of expensive things (but that’s your call), and...
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